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v6W23-27: comma to colonAndré Fincato3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-08W23-27: comma to colonv6André Fincato
2021-07-08W23-27: add tekken bitsAndré Fincato
2021-07-08W23-27: grammar fixAndré Fincato
2021-07-08worklog-index: add entryAndré Fincato
2021-07-08W23-27 initAndré Fincato
2021-06-01typographyAndré Fincato
2021-06-01update on-hold projectsAndré Fincato
2021-06-01clean up contactAndré Fincato
2021-06-01add styles for blockquoteAndré Fincato
2021-06-01add refAndré Fincato