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+title: W06, 2021-02-08/02-14
+one day late. from memory!
+## twla
+prepared towards finally putting together the basis for the website.
+## dps x magdx
+planned upcoming weeks, autonomous work. need to do a bunch of dense programming to finish things from the ongoing projects we began, so harder to include magdx actively in it and keep time to low amount.
+wiki reached decent good base; now some extra features, if they fit with a real serverless architecture (static website, open HTML files in browser with real, relative links to resources — no url zeroing to root).
+finished to setup new VPSes; jumped back into git integration and what i left behind since December. already some good problems to decide upon, seems to proceed fine now.
+had some new news coming from ITC, oh well. the job market seemed to be vast!
+there's some other things i probably forgot, they would show up if i'd checked my logs, but decided not to. how come am i still stuck into writing software?