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W23-27: add tekken bits
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playing with setting up a `.onion` address would be a novelty thing and something i got curious to try out. same for verifying content and URL with PGP keys. many of these things could be seen as superfluous, but they all go in the direction of a document-based, wiki-based website. let's slowly keep explore how far we can push in implementing more and more wiki-like features with existing tooling.
+## tekken
+i've been progressing during the last week of may and the first of june: finally having many bits coming all together. it's becoming a query-like program (eg pull data from disparate *existing* sources and build custom views with it).
+i was joking i could spend an hour every other evening as a way to slow down and steam off, ideally it would be cool though i don't want to turn it into a stressful thing. that after five years of ideas and shy try outs i am getting at something feels pretty magical.
> 2021-07-08, this morning i went to swim in the mountain lake with my dad, it was light raining after we got in the water. so dreamy.