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+title: 2022-W02-W37, 2022-01-09/09-15
+template: worklog-entry
+almost three quarter of the year 2022 is gone without a full log written during it.
+from memory i remember two things: `` and a job application. [^work-org-tools] `buycloud` also took place, and `twla`. these projects have been completed, and the last two are now in either maintenance mode or archival process.
+smaller things happen in between, primarily some existing projects in maintenace mode: some have been converted to a major version of the underlying software, others are in costant patch-up flow.
+[^work-org-tools]: curiosly, i went to use a small script i put together to check when i updated the work file of each project, and while i got back some info i also got reminded that during summer i changed how i use those work files (the system has changed) and am not sure how much is accidentally being left out of it.
+writing this entry feels difficult, as many processes have endend. i endeded them. at some point this action began to feel alien to my normal array of operations, as more projects took on a long, streched out, forever trend. this year i put an end time on them, and it's a great feeling. as it is re-discovering the "taste" of this action.
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-title: 2022-W37, 2021-10-05/09-15
-template: worklog-entry