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@@ -9,10 +9,12 @@ i’ve been working only on this week. roughly:
- converted sidemenu to use solr
- converted `image-transclusion` lookup to use solr
- implemented new features for `/search`: load-more, multi-search query matching
-- various improvements for the editor, notably working towards get better `exit-editor` diffing
+- various improvements for the editor, notably working towards getting better `exit-editor` diffing
- merged from `design-css` + `mobile-css`
+- lots of small re-writing and monolithic function broken down into their own small bits
this is the last week before the second soft-launch. there are still a lots of things to do, notably:
- make navigation for “mobile”
- fix still occurring parsing article problem; this happens on consecutive fast page reloading every 4-5 requests, if i leave the app resting for a while, and come back, all works fine; if i reload just after the error occurs it works fine. i am getting closer to the problem, hopefully will be fixed by end of this week