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2021-11-14index: move closing from template to articlev6André Fincato
2021-11-14index: strong, clear intentsAndré Fincato
2021-10-31index: rephrase programmatic interestsAndré Fincato
2021-10-31index: use quote for contactAndré Fincato
2021-10-30index: expand on "less websites!"André Fincato
2021-10-30index: add em-dashAndré Fincato
2021-10-30push second p further downAndré Fincato
2021-10-30update index with new perspectiveAndré Fincato
2021-10-04worklog W36-39 grammar fixAndré Fincato
2021-10-04add worklog W36-39 to indexAndré Fincato
2021-10-04init worklog w36-39André Fincato
2021-09-06W34-35: add moreAndré Fincato
2021-09-06worklog-index: add new entryAndré Fincato
2021-09-06W34-35 initAndré Fincato
2021-08-22worklog, W28-33: update grammarAndré Fincato
2021-08-22worklog: update index for W28-33André Fincato
2021-08-22worklog: init W28-33André Fincato
2021-07-08W23-27: comma to colonAndré Fincato
2021-07-08W23-27: add tekken bitsAndré Fincato
2021-07-08W23-27: grammar fixAndré Fincato
2021-07-08worklog-index: add entryAndré Fincato
2021-07-08W23-27 initAndré Fincato
2021-06-01typographyAndré Fincato
2021-06-01update on-hold projectsAndré Fincato
2021-06-01clean up contactAndré Fincato
2021-06-01add styles for blockquoteAndré Fincato
2021-06-01add refAndré Fincato
2021-06-01fix grammarAndré Fincato
2021-06-01update index for W13-22André Fincato
2021-06-01init last two monthsAndré Fincato
2021-03-28patch grammarAndré Fincato
2021-03-28add TWLA and closingAndré Fincato
2021-03-28add index-entry for W11-12André Fincato
2021-03-28init W11-12André Fincato
2021-03-16add up on De Landa exerciseAndré Fincato
2021-03-16update index for W10André Fincato
2021-03-16late but on itAndré Fincato
2021-03-08replace link with concealmentAndré Fincato
2021-03-08add W08-09 to indexAndré Fincato
2021-03-08sketch out W08-09André Fincato
2021-02-21yes i canAndré Fincato
2021-02-21add intro and outroAndré Fincato
2021-02-21add templateAndré Fincato
2021-02-21clean upAndré Fincato
2021-02-21add command to read article templateAndré Fincato
2021-02-21add work-entry 2021-W07André Fincato
2021-02-21initAndré Fincato
2021-02-21make cv templateAndré Fincato
2021-02-21expand cvAndré Fincato
2021-02-21update design stylesAndré Fincato