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2022-01-09build-page: update print UIAndré Fincato
2022-01-08rename add-page to build-pageAndré Fincato
2022-01-05rename build-page => add-pageAndré Fincato
2021-02-21add command to read article templateAndré Fincato
2021-02-05add \n to printf commandAndré Fincato
2020-10-27noob bash code to build output path from input filenameAndré Fincato
2020-10-25swap $3 w/ $OUTPUTAndré Fincato
2020-10-25add func to set automatic output folderAndré Fincato
2020-09-22set to chmod +xAndré Fincato
2020-09-06git old/new modeAndré Fincato
2020-08-03sketch build-page scriptAndré Fincato