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2022-01-10templates: de-indent var so pandoc don't indent code blocks??André Fincato
2021-11-14index: move closing from template to articleAndré Fincato
2021-03-08replace link with concealmentAndré Fincato
2021-02-21make cv templateAndré Fincato
2020-11-07update stylesheet path for `notfound` so pandoc command is simplerAndré Fincato
2020-11-07add link to go back to main page on single articlesAndré Fincato
2020-11-07move <style> to styles.cssAndré Fincato
2020-10-29make simple article templateAndré Fincato
2020-09-20add link to commit-hash for worklog templatesAndré Fincato
2020-09-20pull downAndré Fincato
2020-09-20link commit-hash to repo commitAndré Fincato
2020-09-14update ul + ol stylesAndré Fincato
2020-08-03update templatesAndré Fincato
2020-08-03sketching out patch templateAndré Fincato
2020-08-03update worklog linkAndré Fincato
2020-08-03sketch out worklog-entry templateAndré Fincato
2020-08-03add worklog-index basic templateAndré Fincato
2020-07-07git_commit => commitafincato
2020-07-07add timestamp and git-hashafincato
2020-04-25sketch out notfound pageafincato
2020-04-25sketch out index pageafincato
2020-04-04template initafincato